NCS Navigator Premium

NCS Navigator 2.0 Premium is a web application including the full range of NCS 1950 Original colours in an interactive 3D space. It is easily accessible directly on your screen at During your 12 month access period, you will benefit from all continuous updates of NCS Navigator 2.0 Premium.

  • All features of NCS Navigator Freemium
  • Work with NCS colours and import them into your AutoCAD®, Vectorworks® or Adobe® Creative Suite® software.
  • Convert NCS notations to CMYK, RGB and Lab.
  • See Lightness Values and Luminous Reflectance Factor for all 1950 standard colours.
  • Save your palettes and colour selections from the Colour Workspace.

Please see the Specifications link on the left for information on access to NCS Navigator premium after you have ordered your subscription.

100 EUR